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Entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers.
Hustlers at heart.

Imagine you have your own fast-track ticket to great people, insights,
and the hottest opportunities in Asia's tech and startup scene.

Focus Asia is a place for us to forge valuable connections and let us learn from one another.

We strongly believe that in the coming years Asia will be the new hotbed of activity. Focus Asia is our response - we are on a mission to create a centralised, supportive and knowledgable startup community in the region.

What's in for you?

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Live-chat on public channels or send private message and never cold-email people again. Text, voice + video available.

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Join never ending, growing network of professionals and make meaningful connections with like-minded people from startup scene in Asia.

Gain insights

Ask questions, discuss topics that matter the most, gain knowledge & insights from different regions across Asia.

Enhance your career

Find work & carreer advice. Thinking about career switch in Korea or looking for new job in Singapore? This is the right place to be.


Get help

Get help from other professionals who launched, grew and sold successful businesses in Asia.

Exclusive discounts

Get exclusive discounts on products and events related to our community. The savings you will make will easily exeed the contribution fee you pay to join the network.

"One of the best things you can do to get ahead in your career is to join a strong community of like-minded people."

What others are saying

great community!

"Met some local entreprenuers who share the same ideas, we met up face-to-face to have some conversations which gave me a lot of insights. Moreover, I've got help from Sky for my business model and acquisition tactics.
Great community."

- Chi Lee, HK

great community!

"I've connected with some amazing people who now help me with my startup. The community is amazing & getting those free tix to InnovFest gave me the opportunity to connect IRL. I highly recommend anyone join if you are into startups or interested in knowing more about the landscape for startups and tech in Asia."

- Casey, Singapore

great community!

"Thanks to FocusAsia I was able to go InnovFest unBound for FREE and meetup other entrepreneurs and like minded startups. Hope to attend a meetup event soon."

- Tang, Singapore

Who we are

We are authentic, spam-free and professional community of entreprenuers, CxOs, developers, software & hardware engineers, project managers, product designers, data scientist / analysts, specialists from growth / marketing & sales, investors, startup-friendly service providers and avid enhusiasts & influencers.

Most of our members are located in Asia - Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philiphines, Korea - but also in US and Europe.

People from these companies are among our members:

"I joined Focus Asia because the Asian tech industry is seriously heating up. It's hard to keep up with everything and network across the region and Focus Asia offers the opportunity to do that."

Leonard "Leo" Pak, Lead Experience Designer

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Rubaiyat, founder
Hyekyung, Community Builder
South Korea

Jireh, ERP Consultant
Michelle, Lead Community Manager
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