What access gives me membership?

With membership you will get an access to our private Slack channel with over 500+ members and write access to Focus Asia: Ask - our Q&A forum.

Why isn't Focus Asia free to join?

Here is the thing with "FREE" stuff...

Someone builds a cool, free product, it gets popular, and that popularity attracts a buyer. The new owner shuts the product down and the founders issue a glowing press release about how excited they are about synergies going forward. They are never heard from again.

Whether or not this is done in good faith, in practice this kind of 'exit event' is a pump-and-dump scheme. The very popularity that attracts a buyer also makes the project financially unsustainable. The owners cash out, the acquirer gets some good engineers, and the users get screwed.

To avoid this problem, avoid mom-and-pop projects that don't take your money! You might call this the anti-free-software movement.

If every additional user is putting money in the developers' pockets, then you're less likely to see the site disappear overnight. If every new user is costing the developers money, and the site is really taking off, then get ready to read about those synergies.

To illustrate, I have prepared this handy chart:

Free Paid
Stagnant losing money making money
Growing losing more money making more money
Exploading losing lots of money making lots of money

What if a little site you love doesn't have a business model? Yell at the developers! Explain that you are tired of good projects folding and are willing to pay cash American dollar to prevent that from happening. It doesn't take prohibitive per-user revenue to put a project in the black. It just requires a number greater than zero.

I love free software and could not have built my site without it. But free web services are not like free software. If your free software project suddenly gets popular, you gain resources: testers, developers and people willing to pitch in. If your free website takes off, you lose resources. Your time is spent firefighting and your money all goes to the nice people at Linode.

So stop getting caught off guard when your favorite project sells out! “They were getting so popular, why did they have to shut it down?” Because it's hard to resist a big payday when you are rapidly heading into debt. And because it's culturally acceptable to leave your user base high and dry if you get a good offer, citing self-inflicted financial hardship.

Like a service? Make them charge you or show you ads. If they won't do it, clone them and do it yourself. Soon you'll be the only game in town!

by Maciej from Pinboard, December 2011

We get it: You want free stuff. But one-time contribution fee we are asking for help us keep the lights on. We are cooking up few things for us here, this cost us time, energy and money so contributions really gives us motivation and helps us keep going.

On top of that - we want to get rid of spammers and people with hidden agendas - till this day we have no record of spam throughout our community.

This is also a security for you that this community and all associated things with it won't disappear tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention that you are probably tired of joining ghost-communities with 0 activity? We aren't like those.

So please support us and join Focus Asia today.

Where can I find Community Terms & Conditions?

Community T&Cs are available here.

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What is the tech stack behind this site?

No magic here ;) The site runs on Digital Ocean's LEMP stack with newest PHP7, NGINX and HTTP/2 with 2048bit encryption. We use Gumroad for sign-ups & collecting contributions. Domain was purchased at Namecheap.